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Happiness in Diego de Almagro due to the adjudication of TEN`s biddable funds.
26 social organizations of the community received funding for the development of their projects.
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May 4, 2016, "We are very happy, this is a dream come true", was how the neighbors who received the certificates that credit them as winners of the Transmisora Elèctrica de Norte (TEN)-Diego de Almagro Biddable Fund expressed their happiness. This initiative is part of the Strengthen Program that the Company develops in the community with the objective of contributing to the strengthening of community life, so dramatically affected by the alluvium occurred last year.


26 social organizations received funding of up to five million pesos each, for the realization of relevant projects for the community, and contextualized within work areas such as Sports Infrastructure, Promotion of Sport and Culture.


The ceremony of the giving of the certificates, done in the Boarding School of the Liceo Manuel Magalhaes Medling, was defined by the satisfaction of the representatives of the favored organizations, who emphasized the relevance of consolidating the joint effort with the purpose of improving quality of life in a determinant moment for the future of Diego de Almagro.

"It has been a beautiful team work. We began working with TEN when we most needed them and this Biddable Fund will be fundamental in repairing the recreational facilities, sports clubs and cultural organizations. The financing of these projects is an instrument for our people to move ahead", said Trinidad Araya, President of the Communal Union of Neighbors Boards of Diego de Almagro.

The TEN- Diego de Almagro fund considered the financing of initiatives for approximately 75 million pesos, resources which cover a broad range of ideas which can now become concrete and generate value, as will happen, for example, with the El Pueblo Hundiano magazine. "This publication will focus on the heritage rescue of our town, due to the catastrophic situation which we went through recently. We believe that we should begin rebuilding the historic web and in this, TEN`s support will be very valuable", explained Juan Pablo Astudillo, impeller of the project.

The Biding Fund was born based on the joint action of the Municipality of Diego de Almagro and its mayor, Isaías Zavala; the Communal Union of Neighbor Boards and TEN, with the idea of contribute to the development and recovery of the community and to do so from the vision of its inhabitants.


"Today it is necessary to thank the social organizations of Diego de Almagro for presenting its initiatives and believing in us. We hope that each one of the winning projects may advance and become concrete in the best way possible", said José Antonio Robles, TEN`s Building Director.


As from now begins the stage of implementing the projects, a process in which TEN will be present through the reviewing of the development of the winning ideas, which, without doubt, will be a contribution to the community of Diego de Almagro.