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TEN began works in the transmission line for the Mejillones – Cardones connection
The task began with a stretch of more than seven thousand meters near the SE Summit (SE Cumbre), in Diego de Almagro and in concordance with the project´s schedule.
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  • June 22, 2016, The Mejillones-Cardones transmission line in charge of TEN will interconnect the systems of Norte Grande (SING) and Central (SIC), and is a key project for the energetic development of Chile.


With a stretch of seven thousand meters between towers 803 - 815 and under strict fulfillment of the scheduled activities of the project, which foresees its initial operation for the third trimester of next year, the installation of the Mejillones-Cardones transmission line began this Wednesday. This will interconnect the systems of Norte Grande (SING) and Central (SIC) and is being built by Transmisora Eléctrica del Norte (TEN).


The initiation of the transmission line is key for the energetic development of Chile, and took place near Diego de Almagro. This marks the beginning of a key stage in the realization of this initiative which will generate economic benefits of around US$1,100 million with a macroeconomic effect on Gross Domestic Product (PIB) of 1.5%, according to the National Commission of Energy (Comisión Nacional de Energía (CNE)). It will also traduce in a lowering of prices of electricity for end consumers, both regulated and non-regulated, once it is operating – all this within a more robust and secure electrical system.


For TEN´s CEO, Gabriel Marcuz, the initiation of the transmission line has an important significance, both because of the characteristic of the task and because of the fulfillment of the schedule after little more than a year since its commissioning. "The laying out of the transmission line is one of the fundamental works in any transmission line and is part of a process which begins with civil works and assembly of towers. Asides from being an evident progress, achieving these within the planned schedule fills us with satisfaction as it reflects that the general project progresses on schedule", he sustained.


The interconnection developed by TEN considers an investment of 860 million dollars and currently counts with more than two thousand workers in the field. It will also demand the building of 1,350 towers, the use of 14 thousand 740 (14,750) kilometers of conducting wire and the building of three substations TEN-GIS, Changos and Cumbre.


The stretch will extend to Tower 1 next year, located in the southern part of substation Cumbre and Tower 14, with an approximate extension of almost seven thousand meters, and with this the project in charge of TEN will continue to advance towards the energetic strengthening of the country.


Transmisora Eléctrica del Norte is a company whose property structure is divided in equal parts between Engie Energía Chile (ex E-CL), and Red Eléctrica Internacional.